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Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters

Truck Shelters are mounted directly to the building allowing trucks to back into them. The top and side curtains flex inward with a wiping action, forming a seal on the outside of the trailer. This allows full access into the rear of the trailer. The top of the shelter is sloped to prevent water from standing on top. Steel bumpers are used to protect the shelter.

Wear pleats are added to the curtain to help absorb the impact of the corner of the trailers. Wear face on bottom corners of verticals absorb impact of trailers corners. Tapered draft pads behind side curtains help decrease air flow.

We offer Rigid Dock Shelters, Soft Sided Dock Shelters and Flexible Dock Shelters for you to choose from.

Rigid Dock Shelter - Series 2000

Rigid Dock Shelters
Soft Sided Dock Shelters
flexible Dock Shelters

Series 2000, 2200 and 2500

The Series 2000, 2200 and 2500 Dock Shelters save energy dollars while providing protection from inclement weather conditions during material handling operations. This series of dock shelters accommodate the widest range of truck and building variations while  yielding unobstructed accessibility to the interior of the vehicle.

Each of these dock shelters incorporate flexible fabric curtains to “hug” the top and sides of the truck body upon entering the unit. For a “snug fit,” ScotchplyTM stays are encased into all faces of the fabric cover while the edges of each side curtain are fitted with a sewn-in compressible neoprene cord to conform to the vehicle body’s irregularities.


Foam bottom pads prevent air infiltration at the lower corners and the use of translucent cover panels permit natural light penetration into the loading dock area. Each unit also incorporates high visibility yellow guide stripes to facilitate accurate truck positioning.

To ensure maximum durability, the Series 2000, 2200 and 2500 Dock Shelters are available in our superior performance materials. Fairborn created the first certified performance fabrics designed solely for the construction of dock seals and shelters. Our exclusive materials meet or exceed the most demanding requirements and have proven to outperform any other fabric in today’s dock shelter market.

Soft Sided Dock Shelter - Series 2200

Options & Features

1 - Cover Fabric  Fairborn offers fabrics in a wide range of colors and performance levels. A valued consideration is Dynalon, one of our superior performance materials. Dynalon’s extraordinary life expectancy is attributed in part to its excellence tear and abrasion resistance properties.

2 - Wood Frame  The series 2000 head and side frames are select dimensional lumber of the highest grade, pressure treated and kiln dried before and after treating. (Structural steel tubular frame with all welded joints is optional.)

3 - Flexible Stays  3-M ScotchplyTM stays are incorporated into the head and side curtains to enable the curtains to firmly “hug” the top and sides of the vehicle body. Each stay is through bolted to the frames for a positive attachment point.

4 - Cord  The leading edge of each side curtain includes a compressible neoprene cord sewn in place to conform to the vehicle body’s irregularities, providing a “snug fit.”

5 - Steel Guards  Each shelter includes a pair of heavy-duty primed and painted structural steel channel guards that mount directly to the dock wall to prevent damage caused by misaligned trucks.

6 - Fiberglass  Translucent panels permit natural light penetration through the top and side members into the loading dock area. The fiberglass panels are secured to the frames’ exterior by the means of self-sealing screws.

7 - Sloped Head  The 2”x6” head frame is sloped from the center to provide adequate drainage away from the building and the dock area.

8 - Dyna-Armor  Overlapping, durable fabric panels are located at each end of the head curtain to provide maximum protection from abuse caused by protruding corners at the rear top portion of the vehicle.

9 - Trim  The front edge of both the head and side frames are fitted with polished aluminum angle trim to perfect the corner appearance.

10 - Bottom Pads  Fabric covered foam pads prevent air infiltration and complete the shelter enclosure.

11 - Guide Stripe  The lower portion of each side curtain includes highly visible yellow stripes to facilitate accurate truck positioning.

Absolute Warehouse Services of Mid-Florida, LLC is proud to be a distributor of the finest High Speed Doors, Rolling Steel Doors, Seals, Shelters, Levelers and Lifts available, to meet all your warehouse loading dock and door  needs.

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