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Ultra High Speed Dock Doors 

UltraLite™ High Speed Door

Low Profile, Fast, Self Repairing for Openings with Limited Space

The self-repairing and low profile UltraLite™ high speed door is ideally suited for industrial and commercial applications where traffic conditions are moderate and space is at a premium. The door can be applied in either interior or exterior applications where moderate wind and/or negative pressure are a problem.

The UltraLite™ is designed to last. It is fast, safe, low cost to maintain, can take a hit and engineered to cycle hundreds of thousands of times.

UltraLite Speed and Panel Speed and Panel  
High Performance
  • Speed: UltraLite comes standard with the Digital Gateway Controller
    opening at up to 24 inches per second. Options include the two speed
    Digital Gateway Controller with speeds up to 48 inches per second, and
    the UltraSmart Controller with speeds up to 60 inches per second.
  • Vinyl panel material standard with 2-Ply and 3-Ply monofilament optional.
  • Blue panel material is standard, consult factory for other color availability.
  • Visibility: Full width vision panel is standard.
UltraLite BacSeal Weather Seal BacSeal™ Weather Seal
Provides Double Seal on Top and Sides

If you are going to purchase a high speed door, you want it to seal well. This door  provides a double seal of protection on all doors. Along the side columns and above the head, there is a track system that seals the gaps that can cause serious air leakage.

UltraLite Digital Gateway Controller Digital Gateway Controller
Easy Operations

The UltraLite's Digital Gateway Controller is people friendly and intuitive, making
door operation effortless. Standard one speed Digital Gateway opens at up to
24 inches per second. Optional two speed Digital Gateway opens up to
48 inches per second,

UltraLite Modular Design Patent Pending Modular Design  
Easy Maintenance

The patent pending extrusion design allows for easy maintenance and repair in the field.


UltraLite BacTrack Soft Bottom Bar BacTrack™Soft Bottom Bar (Optional)
Fully Padded

All high speed doors come with an optional fully padded bottom bar. The soft bottom bar greatly reduces the risk of injuries often associated with aluminum extrusions.

UltraLite Wireless Safety System Wireless Safety System (Optional)
Eliminate Coil Cord Problems

The new wireless safety system is revolutionary.

Most high speed doors in operation today use coil cords.  The problem with coil cords is they:

  • Get tangled up
  • Catch on other objects
  • Are susceptible to breakage
  • Are difficult and costly to repair
  • Tend to stretch and sail into the photo eyes causing false activation

Cut your cord with our Wireless Safety System and all of these common problems are eliminated.

UltraLite is Low Profile, Fast and Self Repairing

Absolute Warehouse Services of Mid-Florida, LLC is proud to be a distributor of the finest High Speed Doors, Rolling Steel Doors, Seals, Shelters, Levelers and Lifts available, to meet all your warehouse loading dock and door  needs.

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