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Strip Loading Dock Doors

Control Your Environment with Strip Doors

Strip doors protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions, and make employees comfortable and efficient.  Our full line of PVC strip doors and strip curtains are an economical way to improve workflow and productivity. Additionally, PVC strip doors provide environmental separation from wind, weather, noise, dust, fumes, odor, insects and other elements. Whether it is your loading dock or warehouse, or in your cold storage distribution facility, ours strip doors are guaranteed to slash your energy expenses and create a safer environment.

And your strips can be replaced with our exclusive Rip-A-Strip® Replacement PVC Strips providing you with major cost savings over traditional strip doors & replacement strips.

Benefits of Save-T® Strip Doors

Our Strip Doors are made using the highest quality PVC compounds, ensuring the industry's best clarity, and proving to be the safest strip door in the market.
  • Our sales and engineering staff has over 200 years of combined experience.
  • Common sizes and configurations are in stock and ready to ship.
  • Save-T® strip doors are easy to install and maintain.
  • Save-T Loc® Strip Door systems can be installed in minutes.
  • Strips are easily and safely replaced using patented Rip-A-Strip® replacement strips.
  • One of the highest ROI’s in the marketplace.
  • Our strip doors are completely customizable:
    • Angled roof – No Problem!
    • Welding area strips - No Problem!
    • Custom Cutouts - No Problem!
    • Craneways – No Problem!
    • Sliding/Accordion/Swing Doors – No Problem!
    • Mesh/Insect Control Strips – No Problem!
    • If you need it we have it or can manufacture it!
  • Correct PVC Compounds for your environment and conditions.
    • Fire retardant NFPA and CFM (California Fire Marshall) compounds are available
    • Standard Strips
    • Low Temperature Strips
    • Extra-Low Temperature Strips
  • Save-T® strip doors are fantastic at abating noise.

Rip-A-Strip® Replacement PVC Strips

Rip-A-Strip® consists of pre-punched. and precut rolls that are designed to serve as a "door-in-a-box." Rip-A-Strip® is our exclusive and patented product that drastically reduces installation and replacement time when hanging new PVC door strips.

Rip-A-Strip® is a continuous roll of pre-cut replacement strips and each Rip-A-Strip® roll is cut and packaged to exact customer specifications. Additionally, Rip-A-Strip® rolls can be ordered in an easy-to-use dispensing box that can be tucked away and easily stored until a replacement strip is needed.

Customers can either chose from a list of "quick-ship" Rip-A-Strip® rolls or they can work with us to determine the right type of replacement strips for their applications.

Rip-A-Strip® Advantages:

Our Strip Doors are made using the highest quality PVC compounds, ensuring the industry's best clarity, and proving to be the safest strip door in the market.
  • 35% Cost Savings over traditional strip doors & replacement strips
  • No Tools Required for strip replacement
  • Clean Cut - No Fraying
  • Easily Dispensable
  • Small Compact Box = Less Storage Space
  • Ideal for Service Trucks
  • Common Sizes in Stock
  • Fits 99% of existing studded hardware

Rip-A-Strip® Material:

  • Standard Clear
  • Offset Double Ribbed Clear
  • USDA Low Temperature
  • USDA Nylon Reinforced
  • USDA Low Temperature Offset Double Ribbed
  • USDA Extra Low Temperature

AWS is proud to be a distributor of the finest quality and craftsmanship for all styles of loading dock doors.

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