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Planned Maintenance

The "Dock & Door" Doctor is IN

The condition of your loading docks and doors is crucial to your company's success.

Keep them healthy with the
 Absolute Warehouse Services of Mid-Florida Planned Maintenance Program.


Your Company's Profits Depend on Good Maintenance

Properly maintained and serviced dock equipment and overhead doors have remained in service for 25 years or more.  Unfortunately, many companies do not maintain dock equipment properly.  Usually located out of site, dock equipment and overhead doors are seldom a high priority on the maintenance department's schedule and small problems are not noticed until they become big ones.

Consider this:

  • Average cost per dock position is estimated at $15,000 - $25,000.

  • Average planned maintenance per dock position is $200 per year.

  • Is 1% annually too much to spend to ensure proper protection and operation of this important area of your facility?

  • Neglect can also lead to truck damage besides the investment already have in your dice equipment and overhead doors.

  • If your company has dock equipment and overhead doors by any manufacturer, we are qualified and experienced in its repair and maintenance.

Dock Levelers & Truck Restraints - Planned Maintenance Program

The loading dock area and equipment are very critical to the success of many organizations.  Although your docks may not make or produce anything, your raw product and finished material product travel through the area.  Without a properly functioning dock area, your productivity or sales can be dramatically affected.


Our Planned Maintenance Program Includes:

Cleaning of your dock leveler pit

We clean your leveler pit.  We know that a clean dock pit ensures a longer life to your working parts.  A dirty dock pit clogs working parts, slows the leveler movement and causes rapid component wear through rust and corrosion.

Inspection of your equipment

Our factory-trained technicians are experts at finding potential troubles - those breakdowns waiting to happen.  If we find problems, we fix them at your request, saving you big problems down the road.  We look for:

  • Bent of damaged structural members

  • Cracked welds

  • Worn or damaged moving parts

  • Proper chain connections % linkage points

  • Proper light communication sequencing


All equipment a t your loading dock requires lubrication.  Little or no lubrication causes excess wear and improper lubrication can cause damage too!  We know that different parts need different lubricants and that some parts should not be lubricated at all.  With proper lubrication components are protected from sear. moisture and corrosion.  Levelers, Doors and Restraints work smoothly and efficiently and down time is reduced as the service life is extended.


An improperly adjusted dock leveler, door or truck restraint can cost money and create hazards.  Common problems caused by improper adjustments include:

  • The dock leveler lib won't extend

  • You can't walk around the leveler

  • The ramp rises slowly

  • The door is hard to lift

  • The lights on the truck restraint do not work right

Under our program we adjust all necessary components.  Depending on the model you own, this may include the Main Springs, Lip Assists and Linkages.


Service at Your Door

An overhead door that is not working properly will directly affect the quality of the service that you can offer to your customers.  Your employees will lose time trying to make the door work again and they woo need to use an alternative entrance and/or exit, which will cause delays in shipping, receiving, etc.  Furthermore, they may put themselves in danger.

The advantage of availability let you avoid:

  • Wasted employee time and efforts

  • Increase labor costs

  • Delivery deadlines not respected

  • unnecessary overtime costs

  • Increased energy costs due to a door remaining ajar or that has a faulty seal

  • Security that is compromised due to locks that are untrustworthy

  • a minor maintenance problem could become an extensive and expensive replacement

  • Risk of potential injuries to your employees

  • Problems with the syndicates

Our preventive maintenance programs off the following advantages:

  • Economy and better control of your costs

  • Increased operations productivity by avoiding delays

  • Increased reliability and life span of your doors

  • Increased quality of service to your customers


7 Point Preventative Maintenance Service

  1. Inspect the entire dock door system

  2. Tighten and inspect all door hardware

  3. Oil and lubricate all moving parts; such as hinges, rollers, springs, pulleys, etc.

  4. Check bottom weather seal

  5. Check outside weather seal to make sure your door is properly sealed

  6. Check the spring tension to make sure that the springs are adjusted and the door is properly balanced

  7. Check cables and springs for any damage or wear.


Protect Your Investment

Your loading docks and doors need routine inspections, regular cleaning and lubrication to extend useful life and maximize performance.  In fact, the manufacturer recommends that most equipment be serviced every 90 days.  Our planned Maintenance Program is customized to your company's needs, based on the type of equipment installed and the projected wear-and-tear on your docks and doors.

Planned Maintenance Program Benefits

Maintain a Healthy Bottom Line

  • Receive a FREE evaluation of your loading dock equipment - anytime.

  • Save money on parts and labor

  • Avoid expensive repairs by detecting issues before they become problems

  • Ensure your product warranty is honored

  • Minimize capital expenditures by extending the life of existing equipment

  • Maximize facility efficiency and productivity by eliminating down time

  • Reduce direct-labor costs

Protect Your Employees

  • Factor-trained service technicians provide operating and safety instructions to your personnel

  • Properly operating equipment reduces risk of on-the-job accidents

Ensure Your Sanity

  • Unforeseen service need?  Don't panic.  PMP customers enjoy preferred service rates and priority scheduling

  • Inspections and routine service date are scheduled upon contact signing no follow-up necessary

  • Records of services performed and technician findings provided after every visit.

Schedule a FREE Dock & Door Survey

Our FREE survey service is designed to provide you with an in depth look at the condition of you loading dock equipment, overhead doors and fire doors. 

One of our aftermarket field service representatives will visit your location and do a complete survey.  Once the pertinent information has been compiled, it will be returned to you in a clear and concise report.  This information can be used to plan for repairs, upgrades and equipment replacement.

Our goal is to save you time and money!

Call us today at 1-407-410-0472 to setup an appointment now!

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